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WRI brings together 1,400 experts and other staff in working in seven programs: food, forests, water, energy, cities, climate and the ocean and four centers of excellence for business, economics, finance and equity. Our staff and researchers work globally to produce data-based solutions that generate real change on the ground.

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39 Featured Experts



Lawrence MacDonald

Vice President, Communications


Berhanu Desta

Global Accounting Director

Program Experts & Staff

Iman Abdulwassi Abubaker

Urban Mobility Project Manager, WRI Africa

Zablon Adane


Zablon Adane

Selam Alebel

Operations Director, WRI Africa

Agraw Ali

GIS Research Analyst, WRI Africa

Elleni Ashebir

Program Manger, Cities and Urban Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Elleni Ashebir

Bill Cheng

Intern, Forests Program

Bill Cheng

Nicole Chi

Product Associate, TerraMatch

Neil Chin

Intern, Climate Program

Neil Chin

Beakal Fasil

Communications and Engagement Specialist, The New Climate Economy, WRI Africa

Solomon Tsehay Feleke

Senior Economist, The New Climate Economy

Mengpin Ge

Associate II, Climate Program

Anteneh Gelaw

Regional Manager, Africa, P4G

Person default

Libby Gladding

Operations Manager, CAEP, NDC Partnership

Alice Gottesman

Engagement Specialist, Global Forest Watch

Arya Harsono

Research Coordinator, The New Climate Economy

Jiregna Hirpa

Transport Planner, WRI Africa

Jiregna Hirpa

Leo Horn-Phathanothai

Head, WRI UK Office; and Director, Strategy and Partnerships, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Norma Hutchinson

Research Analyst

Wei Li

Urban Mobility Associate, WRI China Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Wei Li

Tianyi Luo

Director, Aqueduct, Global Water Program

Joanne Ma

User Experience Research Intern, TerraMatch

Person default

Salima Mahamoudou

Research Associate II

Daniel Mejia

Engagement Manager, P4G

Solomon Negusse

API Software Engineer

Person default

Lucie Schwartz

Development Specialist

Meseret Shiferaw

Associate II

Howard Shih

Research Associate, Science Based Targets Initiative

Howard Shih

Gubignet Tekle

Finance and Administration Specialist, WRI Africa

Person default

Tini Tran

Director, Global Communications and Engagement, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Tini Tran

Thet Hein Tun

Transportation Research Associate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Wubanchi Tesso Wakoya

Program Coordinator, WRI Africa

Shiying Wang

Research Analyst, Climate Watch

Romain Warnault

Design Project Manager

Tesfay Woldemariam

GIS Research Associate I

Tinebeb Yohannes

Research Analyst, Water Program

Lihuan Zhou

Associate II, Sustainable Finance Center

Gillian Zwicker

Research Analyst II, International Engagement, Climate Program

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