Experts & Staff

WRI brings together 1,400 experts and other staff in working in seven programs: food, forests, water, energy, cities, climate and the ocean and four centers of excellence for business, economics, finance and equity. Our staff and researchers work globally to produce data-based solutions that generate real change on the ground.

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Tjokorda Nirarta "Koni" Samadhi

Country Director, Indonesia

Nirarta Samadhi

Kristian Teleki

Global Director, Ocean Program

Kristian Teleki

Edward Davey

International Engagement Director, Food and Land Use Coalition; Co-Director, WRI UK

Edward Davey

Leo Horn-Phathanothai

Head, WRI UK Office; and Director, Strategy and Partnerships, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Program Experts & Staff

Iola Abas

Media Research And Campaign Lead, WRI Indonesia

Dean Affandi

Research Data Innovation (RDI) Manager, WRI Indonesia

Dean Affandi

Kirana Agustina

Policy Specialist For Global Plastic Action Partnership, WRI Indonesia

Firda Astriyani

Facilities, Procurement And Office Manager, WRI Indonesia

Becky Atkins

Product Manager, Research, Data and Innovation

Desti Ayunda

GIS Assistant, WRI Indonesia

Desti Ayunda

Bukti Bagja

Land Use Accountability Manager, WRI Indonesia

Bukti Bagja

Jonathan Baines

Ocean Data Manager, Sustainable Ocean Initiative

Pandora Batra

Strategic Engagement Manager, Climate Program / WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Clare Brennan

Operations and Events Manager, Sustainable Ocean Initiative

Willy Daeli

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Environmental Economy, WRI Indonesia

Amy Dobbs

WRI Europe Operations Officer

Rizky Firmansyah

GIS Analyst, WRI Indonesia

Nicola Frost

Deputy Director of the Ocean Program and Deputy Head of Secretariat for the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Christina Gallagher

Grants and Finance Specialist II, Ocean Program

Christina Gallagher

Morgan Gillespy

Programme Director, Food and Land Use Coalition

Liz Goodwin

Senior Fellow and Director, Food Loss and Waste

Catlyne Haddaoui

Urban Development Research Manager, Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Hidayah Hamzah

Manager For National Plastic Action Partnership, WRI Indonesia 

Sakinah Ummu Haniy

Communications Assistant, WRI Indonesia

Rahmah Devi Hapsari

GIS Analyst For Peatland Restoration Independent Monitoring, WRI Indonesia

Rizky Haryanto

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Land Use And Governance, WRI Indonesia

Azam Hawari

Legal Analyst For One Map Initiative, WRI Indonesia

Rakhmat Hidayat

Social Forestry & Conflict Transformation Manager, WRI Indonesia

Edwina Hughes

Head, the Cool Food Pledge

Edwina Hughes

Julia Kalmirah

Regional Manager, Papua And West Papua Office, WRI Indonesia

Martha Triasih Karafir

Research Analyst, WRI Indonesia

Gina Karina

Food And Land Use (FOLU) Manager, WRI Indonesia

Bunga Karnisa Goib

Community Coordinator For National Plastic Action Partnership And Restoration, WRI Indonesia

Bunga Karnisa Goib

Micheline Khan

Program Associate, Ocean Program

Micheline Khan

Heriza Leni

Monitoring, Reporting And Data Management Coordinator, WRI Indonesia

Ary Lesmana

Head Of Operations, WRI Indonesia


Finance & Accounting Assistant, WRI Indonesia

Cynthia Maharani

Climate Research Analyst, WRI Indonesia

Dedy Mahardika

Climate Research Analyst, WRI Indonesia

Bonifasius Y. Lody Maturbongs

GIS Research Analyst, WRI Indonesia

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