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WRI brings together 1,400 experts and other staff in working in seven programs: food, forests, water, energy, cities, climate and the ocean and four centers of excellence for business, economics, finance and governance. Our staff and researchers work globally to produce data-based solutions that generate real change on the ground.

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52 Featured Experts



Adriana Lobo

CEO, WRI México

Program Experts & Staff

Sonia Aguilar

Road Safety Coordinator, WRI México

Diana Amezola

Active Mobility Coordinator, WRI Mexico

César Avilés

Innovation Coordinator, WRI Mexico

Lorena Baca

Director of Strategic Alliances, WRI México

Sandra Baltazar

Digital Communications Coordinator, WRI México

Mauricio Brito

Urban Development Analyst, WRI México

Beatriz Cardenas

Air Quality Director, WRI Mexico

Yunuen Castellanos

Management Advisor, WRI Mexico

Héctor Donado

Research Analyst, Colombia, WRI Mexico

Silvia Duque

Research Analyst, Colombia, WRI Mexico

Mercedes Escobar

Consultant in Air Quality and Urbanism, WRI México

Andrés Flores

Climate Change and Energy Director, WRI Mexico

Jessica Garduño

Projects Analyst, WRI Mexico

Eliseo Gasca

Communication and Marketing Coordinator, WRI México

Ariana Ghibellini

Human Resources Manager, WRI México

José Gil

Development Analyst, WRI Mexico

Ariel Govea

Financial Legal Advisor, WRI Mexico

Carolina Hernandez

Engagement Manager, Climate and Energy, WRI Mexico

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José Hernández

Technical Mobility Specialist, WRI México

Eduardo Hinojosa

Water and Green Infrastructure Coordinator, WRI Mexico

Eduardo Hinojosa

Fairuz Loutfi

Circular Economy and Energy Efficiency Manager, WRI Mexico

Alejandro López

Information Systems and Technologies Coordinator, WRI Mexico

Karla López

Editorial Coordinator, WRI México

Samantha López

Clean Energy Coordinator, WRI Mexico

Tania López

Air Quality Coordinator, WRI México

Alfredo Menache

Human Resources Director, WRI México

Marco Mendoza

Analyst of Integrated Transport Systems, WRI Mexico

Octavio Molina

Energy Efficiency Coordinator, WRI México

Ana Gabriela Morales

Manager of Water Management and Urban Resilience, WRI México

Carlos Muñoz Pina

Research and Data Integrity Director, WRI México

Aline Nolasco

Climate Change Coordinator, WRI México

Fernando Paez

Deputy Director, Colombia 
Urban Mobility Director, WRI México and Colombia 

Vivian Plasencia

Strategic Alliances Manager, WRI México

Anette Ramírez

Mobility Public Policy Manager, WRI México

Maria Rangel

Receptionist, WRI México

Jaime Reyes

Communication Manager, WRI México

Inder Rivera

Manager of Clean Energy, WRI Mexico

Yolanda Romero

Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer, WRI México

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