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WRI Alumni Network

Are you a former WRI employee, board member, or intern? Want to reconnect with old friends and former colleagues? The WRI Alumni Network is for you! Join the WRI Alumni Facebook Group to find old friends and stay in touch.

Why Have a WRI Alumni Network?

Since Gus Speth started the World Resources Institute in 1982 (see our Timeline) hundreds of people have worked at WRI in Washington and at locations around the world, and dozens of prominent individuals have served on our WRI’s Board of Directors. Many WRI alumni have gone on to have significant professional achievements that help to advance WRI’s mission. Others, including a growing number of former interns, are in the early stages of their careers, building their professional networks.

Until now there has been no easy way for alumni to stay in touch with former colleagues and keep up-to-date on WRI’s work. Established in January 2017, the new WRI Alumni Network aims to fill this gap.

Questions? Contact Rich Barnett

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