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The threat of a direct hit by Hurricane Joaquin prompted communities along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Maine to prepare for the worst. Whether this was a thousand-year event or a preview of more frequent extreme rainfall that has been projected as the climate changes, inland and coastal communities recognize the need to prepare for rising seas and increasingly wild weather.

Scaling Success

Lessons from Adaptation Pilots in the Rainfed Regions of India

This report helps policy makers, practitioners and funding agencies identify emerging adaptation good practices and the conditions necessary for scaling up those good practices to achieve adaptation success at scale.

Building Climate Equity

Creating a New Approach from the Ground Up

For more than two decades, crafting global actions that all nations believe to be equitable has been a central challenge for international climate policy.

A new approach is required to resolve this challenge. Building on the experiences of 23 countries, this report demonstrates...

Getting to $100 Billion: Climate Finance Scenarios and Projections to 2020

This paper contributes to the dialogue about what types of finance could count toward the $100 billion goal.

We analyze this question quantitatively by projecting various finance sources forward to 2020 to demonstrate the scenarios under which reaching the $100 billion goal is possible....


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