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urban development

Economic impacts linger long after floodwaters recede, with the world's poorest least able to recover. With the world poised to spend $90 trillion on infrastructure over the next decade and a half, New Climate Economy helps quantify some of the benefits to building back smarter, denser and more resilient.

Powering Cities in the Global South: How Energy Access for All Benefits the Economy and the Environment

Millions of residents in some of the fastest growing cities in the world don’t have access to clean, reliable energy, and the challenge of reaching them is not getting easier. In 2012, only 58 percent of the urban population had access to electricity in low-income countries, and nearly 500...

Encouraging Design Practices for Sustainable Mobility in India: A Guidebook

Encouraging Design Practices for Sustainable Mobility in Indian Townships: A Guidebook, is WRI India’s publication that highlights the role of urban design interventions that can be applied in townships or gated communities in cities, that promote the use of sustainable modes such as walking,...


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