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Beyond Carbon Financing

The Role of Sustainable Development Policies and Measures in REDD

This report looks beyond quantifying emissions reductions at a more flexible approach for recognizing mitigation actions being taken by developing countries in the forest sector. This approach ensures that countries with high historical emissions are not necessarily favored for support, and it...

Climate change is upon us. The earth is warming, seasons are shifting, species are migrating, and water is flowing in new patterns. The accelerating and deepening impacts of climate change will touch everyone on earth, but those who stand to suffer most are the poor.

A Different World Than Kyoto

The argument that developing countries are taking no action to address climate change is wrong.


Room For Hope in Poznań

Despite slow progress at COP-14, the national climate action plans of several key countries announced this year are signs of progress.


Fact Sheet: International Negotiations on Climate Change

The United States signed on to the most universally supported treaty on climate change, the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which was designed to protect the world from the dangerous effects of climate change. Although the U.S. did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, the next round of negotiations on a follow-up treaty are currently underway and the U.S. must consider how to re-engage in the international climate change process.


Five Components of a New Financial Agreement under the Convention

Paying for Mitigation Technology

This paper focuses on what should be included in a new financial agreement under the UNFCCC; more specifically it proposes five specific components of a “new deal” to address technology barriers in developing countries. The paper reflects on ideas on technology and finance as put forth by...

Competitiveness, Leakage and Comparability

Disciplining The Use of Trade Measures Under a Post-2012 Climate Agreement

As the United States, the European Union and other Annex I Parties prepare legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions post-2012, their policymakers are under increasing pressure from domestic constituencies to include trade measures as part of domestic climate policy. This paper analyzes the...


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