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Video: SmartBike DC Succeeds and Expands

A new video from EMBARQ shows the success of Washington's bike sharing program, SmartBike DC.


The Tata Nano Released at Last: Blessing or Curse?

The world's cities should aspire to a sustainable future that is not necessarily dependent on cars.


Sustainable Transport Expands in Mexico

EMBARQ, WRI's Center for Sustainable Transport, commends the introduction of new Bus Rapid Transit lines in Mexico City and Guadalajara.


The Challenge of Tracking Transport-Related CO2 Emissions

CO2 and air pollution can be reduced significantly by improving cities' transportation systems, but quantifying those reductions can be difficult.


Beijing's Air Pollution: It Isn't The Cars


p>Even with half of private cars off the road, Beijing remains wrapped in a haze of smog. The real causes of Beijing's air quality woes lie elsewhere.


Making High Gas Prices Less Painful

Learn more about three long-term, sustainable policy solutions that would help ease the pain of high gas prices.


Mayor Taking Mexico City Green, One Bus Line at a Time

For roughly thirty years, Mexico City has been a city in rapid decline, threatening to descend into a murky stew of crime, pollution, and chaos. But in recent years the city has regained its footing, experiencing an urban renaissance powered by a series of projects that have dramatically improved the quality of life of the 18 million people that make the city their home.



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