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Tracking Adaptation Finance

An Approach For Civil Society Organizations To Improve Accountability For Climate Change Adaptation

A guide designed to help civil society organizations track climate change adaptation finance flows.

WASHINGTON (February 17, 2015)— Transparify released its 2015 ratings of the financial transparency of 169 think thanks.

For the second year in a row, the World Resources Institute earned the highest rating, “Five Star,” for high transparency by listing donors and clearly identifying funding sources for its projects. WRI is one of only two think tanks to earn the Five Star rating in Transparify's inaugural 2014 survey and again in 2015.

What Will it Take to End the “Resource Curses?”

The “resource curse" describes the paradox where countries rich in oil, gas, and minerals remain largely impoverished. Better transparency—both in how governments spend extractive revenues and how natural resource decisions are made—could help tackle this problem. While some new initiatives are making progress on this front, more needs to be done to ensure that drilling and mining doesn’t come at the expense of communities and the land, water, and wildlife they rely on.


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