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Converting Palm Oil Companies from Forest Destroyers into Forest Protectors

The following interview with Craig Hanson and Moray McLeish was conducted and compiled by Jeremy Hance and Rhett A. Butler for and is reposted with permission. Read the entire piece here on the Mongabay website.


Having Your Food and Forests, Too

Expanding agriculture onto already degraded lands could relieve pressure on the world’s remaining forests.

Enabling tropical countries to boost their economies and feed global populations whi


Q&A: Kirsty Jenkinson on New Ventures and Environmental Entrepreneurship

Kirsty Jenkinson talks about how New Ventures, WRI’s center for environmental entrepreneurship, helps environmentally-focused small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets compete in a global economy.


Can the World Bank Regain its Lead on Sustainable Development?

After falling behind other development organizations, the World Bank now has a chance to update its environmental and social safeguard policies.


Degraded Land, Sustainable Palm Oil, and Indonesia’s Future

A new policy to develop oil palm on degraded land could protect Indonesia’s forests. But what does “degraded” really mean?



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