New: Pivotal Year—WRI’s 2015 Annual Report

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sustainable development goals

Whether preserving a forest, changing the tax code or approving a new medical treatment, the impact of government choices spill over into other areas. That can help or it can hurt. A key question in fostering sustainable development is how to have coherent policies -- within and among different countries -- that work together rather than canceling each other out.

Secure land rights for Indigenous Peoples and rural communities are a key ingredient in achieving the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals adopted last year. Yet as the continued killings of environmental activists around the world show, strong land tenure faces an uphill battle.

Transport is both a challenge and a solution to climate change and international development. The Transforming Transportation conference, which takes place January 14th and 15th, will explore how local officials, urban planners and other stakeholders can turn international transport commitments into concrete actions on the ground.

Pessimists may be confidently gloomy about 2016 -- anemic world economy, rising inequality, terrorist threats, disastrous weather -- but in the area of sustainable development, they are wrong. WRI President and CEO Andrew Steer notes that we have much more reason for hope at the start of this new year than we did at the beginning of 2015.


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