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renewable energy

Uruguay went from having virtually no wind generation in 2007 to installing the most wind per capita of any nation in 2014. New WRI research explores the country's smart use of climate finance, and offers lessons on how other nations can successfully transform their energy sectors.

After the Paris Agreement and the World Economic Forum, it's time for companies and investors to make 2016 a "Year of Green Finance" by putting efforts to reduce emissions on their priority list for investment and risk management. Vice chairman of Deutsche Bank Group and WRI Board member Caio Koch-Weser explains.

Water-Energy Nexus: Business Risks and Rewards

Water scarcity challenges industries around the world. Global population growth and economic development suggest a future of increased demand, competition, and cost for limited freshwater supplies. Scarcer water, in turn, creates new challenges for energy supply because coal, oil, gas, and...


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