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Human Pressure on the Brazilian Amazon Forests

The analysis compiles a comprehensive set of geospatial indicators of human activities that lead to forest degradation and conversion. Illustrated by numerous maps, the results provide valuable insights for land-use planning and zoning.

Chile's Frontier Forests

Conserving a Global Treasure

For the most up-to-date information on this topic, please see Global Forest Watch.

Describes, for the first time, the extent and distribution of the country's intact forests while identifying priority areas...

An Analysis of Access to Central Africa's Rainforests

Identifies relatively undisturbed forest blocks in Central Africa, providing maps that show their size, condition and current levels of protection -- offering the first comprehensive picture of where logging concessions are located throughout the region.

Monitoring for impact

Lessons on natural resources monitoring from 13 NGOs

A handbook on organizing and implementing effective natural resources monitoring programs based on the experiences of and lessons learned by thirteen NGOs.

Perverse Habits

The G8 and Subsidies That Harm Forests and Economies

Identifies Group of Eight (G8) subsidies to forest products industries that undermine forest protection and accelerate forest loss and highlights actions these countries should take to conserve and manage forests for future generations.

Canada's Forests at a Crossroads

An Assessment in the Year 2000

Explores the scale and magnitude of timber, energy, and mineral resources development within Canada's northern frontier, home to over a third of the world's boreal forest and a tenth of total global forest cover....


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