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Can Capturing Carbon Become a Reality?


p>Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is both hailed as a "silver bullet" for the coal industry, and reviled as a pipe dream. The reality is that the U.S. needs CCS, and a comprehensive policy framework for rapid development and deployment.


China's Booming Energy Efficiency Industry

China’s energy efficiency industry is emerging as a high growth sector with the country projected to spend as much as Rmb2.1 trillion (USD300 billion) over the next five years on products and services that cut energy use. The key drivers of this development are the Chinese government's...

The 10 Big Questions For Corporate Forest Product Purchasing

Corporate procurement managers are increasingly looking for ways to ensure that wood and paper-based products are environmentally and socially sound. The WRI/WBCSD procurement guide being released today is a toolbox to help them.


SMEs Redefining Innovation: Insights on the New Ventures India Investor Forum

At first glance, the lineup of products and services on display at this year's New Ventures India Investor Forum seemed to reflect traditional Indian knowledges and practices. Banana-leaf materials, light posts, and packaged Indian foods were some of the offerings on display by entrepreneur finalists.


Letter to World Bank, Re: Environmental Development Policy Loan to Peru

The following letter was sent to the Socially Sustainable Development Unit of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region of the World Bank on October 12th, 2007, regarding the proposed Environmental Development Policy Loan to Peru.


Letter to Sustainable Development Network, Re: Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

The following letter was sent to Kathy Sierra, Vice President of the Sustainable Development Network at the World Bank on September 20th 2007, regarding the launch of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF).


Sustaining the Environment at the World Bank

The evidence has never been stronger that protecting the environment is not only compatible with the World Bank's development objectives, but in fact essential to achieving them....


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