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international policy

The REDD+ Decision in Cancun

How does the new agreement on REDD set the stage for halting the destruction and degradation of forests?


Decision Making in a Changing Climate

What are countries doing to prepare for climate change? A World Resources Report side event in Cancun highlights pioneering case studies from the developing world.


Q&A: Policies for Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

Last month, WRI convened a group of international experts to discuss policies and incentives for increasing the use of renewable energy in the developing world. WRI's Davida Wood and Lutz Weischer discuss the key lessons learned at the workshop and their work on helping developing countries make the transition to renewable energy.


Final Hours in Cancun: Climate Talks Make a Comeback

Applause, standing ovations, and the final moments of the Cancun climate conference.


Racing the Clock at the Cancun Climate Talks

As the climate talks in Cancun head into the final days, the conference has taken on a different tone.


The Buzz at the Cancun Climate Talks

WRI Media Director Michael Oko reports back from COP-16.



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