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On Global Warming: Trust But Verify

As COP-15 approaches, the world already has a precedent for how the United States and China can work together.


Five Indicators of Success in Copenhagen

This framework for looking at possible outcomes of the COP-15 convention was first introduced at a press event on November 20th.


Adaptation Planning Under a Copenhagen Agreement

Laying a Foundation for Projects, Policies, and Capacities that Countries Need

As UNFCCC negotiators work to develop
shared expectations around adaptation
planning, it is critical that they
provide a high degree of flexibility to
countries, so that planning processes
can be domestically “owned” and plans
effectively implemented. The...


Fifth IUCN World Parks Congress

December 1, 2003. Provides an overview of the World Parks Congress (Durban, September 2003) and its results for funders and civil society organizations with a special emphasis on the significance of the meeting to indigenous communities worldwide.


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