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greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting

Provides specific principles, concepts, and methods for quantifying and reporting GHG reductions from climate change mitigation projects.

Changing Drivers

The impact of climate change on competitiveness and value creation in the automotive industry

Emerging carbon constraints constitute a new influence on competitiveness in the automotive industry, creating both risks and opportunities for companies that could materially affect their earnings and ability to compete in global markets.

Risky business

Lessons in risk management for an international greenhouse gas emissions market

Identifies risk-management principles pertinent to the international market for greenhouse gas emissions rights and fashions recommendations for each.

Facing the United States' Oil Supply Problems

Would opening up ANWR Really Make a Difference?

While the ANWR Coastal Plain may make a contribution to U.S. oil supply a decade from now, we cannot rely on ANWR to significantly alleviate our long-term security problems stemming from our heavy reliance on increasingly imported oil.



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