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Green Climate Fund

President Donald Trump's budget request for fiscal 2018 makes clear that international climate finance -- U.S. support for developing countries to tackle climate change -- is in the crosshairs. The White House is asking Congress to make draconian and senseless cuts to climate finance that will undermine U.S. economic, diplomatic and security interests around the world.

Last week, the Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) convened in Songdo for its penultimate meeting in 2016. As the biggest multilateral climate fund to date, the GCF has a vital role to play in delivering on the goals of the Paris Agreement. While the GCF has made some progress in the last year—including approving its first projects, adopting a strategic plan, strengthening its...

With three months to go until the next international climate negotiations, many developing countries are working hard to live up to the promises made in the Paris Agreement. But many institutions in developing countries face challenges in accessing and effectively deploying international climate finance. Representatives of two groups from Africa -- the Senegal-based Centre de Suivi Ecologique and Kenya's National Environmental Management Authority -- got together in July to help each other tackle some of these challenges.


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