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Bottom Line on International Climate Negotiations

In December 2009, diplomats from around the world will convene in Copenhagen, Denmark to decide on a new international agreement on climate change. The following questions and answers address the agreements and structures that form the basis of the Copenhagen climate change negotiations.

Protecting Forests and Community Rights in the DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo cancelled logging operation titles in 12 million hectares of tropical forest this year in an effort to promote sustainable, socially responsible forest management.


Whose Amazon Is It?

Following the recent violence over natural resource use, Peru has an opportunity to balance economic development with human rights protections.


Tracking Environmental Impact Assessment Rollbacks

Financial stimulus plans could pose a threat to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) around the world.


Mapping a Better Future

How Spatial Analysis Can Benefit Wetlands and Reduce Poverty in Uganda

Drawing on Uganda’s rich baseline of wetland data and poverty mapping, this report provides a detailed examination of the links between ecosystem services and the location of poor communities and presents practical lessons for policy-makers across government.


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