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REDD Alert: Lessons from Peru’s Camisea Pipeline Project

Can forest-rich countries learn from the mistakes of extractive projects and avoid unleashing their own resource curse?

Mountaintop Removal Cuts Through Southern Forests

New maps from show the scale of forest loss from surface mining in Appalachia.

Tracking Transformative Forest Actions to Reduce Emissions

An Illegal Logging Case Study

This working paper explores the types of information and supporting data necessary to ensure that national strategies to reduce emissions are developed and implemented effectively. It does so by focusing on measures to address illegal logging, drawing on specific strategies and recommendations...

What’s Next for Indonesia-Norway Cooperation on Forests?

In May 2010, Norway agreed to contribute up to $1 billion towards reducing deforestation and forest degradation and loss of peatland in Indonesia, which now account for more than 80 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. The “Letter of Intent” is a promising first step, yet the two countries must still settle key details of the agreement. Below is WRI’s analysis of the Letter of Intent and recommendations for what should be addressed next.

Degraded Land, Sustainable Palm Oil, and Indonesia’s Future

A new policy to develop oil palm on degraded land could protect Indonesia’s forests. But what does “degraded” really mean?

Low Carbon Palm Oil for Indonesia?

An upcoming United States-Indonesia partnership is an opportunity to tackle deforestation.

From Copenhagen To Cancun: Forests and REDD

An update on the role of forests and REDD in the international climate negotiations.

Suburbanization Spreads Through U.S. Southern Forests

New Google maps show the drivers of change that impact southern forests in the United States.


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