UN Climate Summit 2014: LIVE BLOG

We are liveblogging during today's summit with major announcements and expert commentary.

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Guidelines for Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport, and Storage

The World Resources Institute (WRI) convened a diverse group of over 80 stakeholders to develop Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) Guidelines to ensure CCS projects are conducted safely and effectively.

Will The Economic Crisis Stall Energy Projects?

Will the nation's economic downturn dampen the availability of private funding for new power generation and transmission infrastructure?


Unfinished Business on Climate Change Investment Funds

This week's first-ever CIF Partnership Forum must ensure that new Clean Technology Funds will help developing countries quickly transition to zero-carbon technologies.


Fact Sheet: Energy and Climate Policy Action in China

An aggressive energy intensity target and a national renewable energy standard highlight a suite of Chinese policies that will slow greenhouse gas emissions growth.


The (Really) Big Picture on Energy Policy


p>Climate change, national security, and energy are inter-connected through our persistent and growing dependence on fossil fuels. We must address all three.


Sun Is Setting On Critical Renewable Energy Tax Credits


p>A thriving renewable energy industry is a critical solution to problems such as high energy prices and climate change. But unless Congress extends the renewable tax credits soon, the industry’s steady growth could stall.


China's Climate Change Playbook is Worth Reading


p>The Olympics are an opportunity for the U.S. and China to better understand each other and move forward together on fighting climate change.


Could Arctic Oil Exploration Be Made Safe?

Surging energy prices are renewing calls to open highly sensitive Arctic areas to oil exploration. One condition of access should be greater public oversight.



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