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Dispelling Myths About India and Climate Change

Leaders must overcome the mistrust that has characterized recent U.S.-India relations on climate change and energy.

WRI Comments on the 2009 World Bank Energy Strategy

WRI submitted comments to the US Treasury on key issues the World Bank must address during its World Bank Energy Strategy review.

Living Up to Potential: India's Energy Savings Companies

The market potential for energy savings companies (ESCOs) in India is great, yet barriers still stand in the way of the industry's growth.

Energy Efficiency in India: Part 2

In India, Energy Service Companies and local governments are teaming up to increase energy efficiency and save money.

Unfinished Business on Climate Change Investment Funds

This week's first-ever CIF Partnership Forum must ensure that new Clean Technology Funds will help developing countries quickly transition to zero-carbon technologies.

Reforming South Africa's Electricity Sector

The Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI)---a collaboration of decision-makers and civil society to improve electricity sector governance in developing counties---has launched a new program in South Africa.

Sun Is Setting On Critical Renewable Energy Tax Credits


p>A thriving renewable energy industry is a critical solution to problems such as high energy prices and climate change. But unless Congress extends the renewable tax credits soon, the industry’s steady growth could stall.


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