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ecosystem services

Like the Holidays, Ecosystem Services Are All Around

During the winter holidays, there are many items that Americans consider “essential” as part of a proper celebration; whether it be a wreath on the door, wood for a cozy fire, or an ornamented tree in the living room. But how many people know where most of these items come from?


Investing in Nature, for People’s Sake

Ecosystem services provide the link between nature and economic development. How can this approach guide more sustainable decisions?


The Future of South Carolina Forests

With the price of timber declining, hundreds of thousands of private woodland owners across the South are struggling with balance sheets in the red.


Q&A: World Bank Plan to Value Ecosystems

Last week at the UN Convention on Biodiversity, the World Bank launched a new program that aims to put a value on a country’s ecosystems in the same way a country measures its national income and product accounts, or GNP and GDP.



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