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ecosystem services

Ecosystem Services

Note: this post is a translation of the original article in Portuguese by Ana Carolina Addario, which appeared on Ideia Socioambiental. It is posted here with permission.


Video: Protecting Coral Reefs

Reef ecosystems face both local and global threats. Here is what needs to be done to ensure the world's corals and mangroves are preserved.


Global Environmental Crisis Changes How Banks Do Business

Amidst the financial crisis, banks are continuing their push for improved corporate environmental performance.


Belize's Coastal Capital

The Economic Contribution of Belize's Coral Reefs and Mangroves...

This study evaluated the average annual contribution of reef- and mangrove-associated tourism, fisheries, and shoreline protection services to the economy of Belize.

Marine Protected Areas of the World

The development of a global system of marine protected areas (MPAs) lags far behind that of the terrestrial biosphere in both the extent and the effectiveness of its coverage.


Natural Coastline Defense: Mangrove Forests in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia's scientists, researchers, and political figures are emphasizing the importance of restoring mangrove forests, one of nature's strongest defenses against natural disasters.


When Development Causes Disease: Linking Ecosystems and Human Health

Ecosystems provide a wealth of services to human populations, among them, disease regulation. But narrowly-focused development projects can threaten these ecosystems and put entire populations at risk.


A Better Way for the U.S. Government to Clean Our Water

When it comes to allocating money for conservation, reverse auctions can help governments get the biggest bang for their buck.



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