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democratic republic of congo

Molly Bergen vient de visiter trois pays pour enquêter sur les activités sur le terrain du Programme Régional pour l'Environnement en Afrique Centrale (CARPE), un programme de conservation financé par le gouvernement des États-Unis et mis en œuvre par une coalition d'ONG, dont le WRI.

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Après plusieurs heures de remontée plutôt secouée du fleuve Congo en canot automobile, mes...

How should countries decide what to put into their national emissions reduction plans, and how should they be evaluated? What should governments, civil society, and the private sector take into account in thinking about the equitability of a country’s actions?

WRI’s new online tool, the CAIT Equity Explorer, aims to help answer these questions.

The just concluded U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit focused attention on Africa’s promises and challenges, including energy, agriculture and the $14 billion in investment pledged by companies. The visiting heads of state—just shy of 50—also discussed climate change and its effects on crop production, nutrition and food security. New research by the World Resources Institute and Rights and Resources Initiative on the climate dividends of secure community land rights can help Africa address these challenges.


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