UN Climate Summit 2014: LIVE BLOG

WRI will be liveblogging during the 9/23 summit, tracking major announcements and offering expert commentary throughout the day.

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Forests for Water

Exploring Payments for Watershed Services in the U.S. South

The issue brief provides an overview of how businesses and water utilities in the United States and Latin America are pursuing upstream forest conservation as a cost-effective means of ensuring clean water supplies. It also suggests how many of these approaches could be applicable in the...

Q&A: Fiber Testing, Paper, and the Lacey Act

Answers to frequently asked questions about fiber testing, a technology that can help find potentially illegal wood in the paper supply chain.


The Year in Illegal Logging: A Look Back

2010 was a significant year for global efforts to tackle illegal logging. Here’s a look back on some of that progress.


Converting Palm Oil Companies from Forest Destroyers into Forest Protectors

The following interview with Craig Hanson and Moray McLeish was conducted and compiled by Jeremy Hance and Rhett A. Butler for mongabay.com and is reposted with permission. Read the entire piece here on the Mongabay website.


Southern Forests for the Future Incentives Series

This series of issue briefs explores incentives for ensuring that southern U.S. forests continue to supply the timber, water, recreation, and other benefits—known as “ecosystem services”—that people depend upon.


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