New: Pivotal Year—WRI’s 2015 Annual Report

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Getting Specific on the 2015 Climate Change Agreement

Suggestions for the Legal Text with an Explanatory Memorandum

Getting Specific on the 2015 Climate Change Agreement: Suggestions for the Legal Text with an Explanatory Memorandum offers a set of ideas for what the international agreement could look like in legal terms and therefore serves as a reference tool for decision-makers on the road to...

Nobel Laureate Carlos Nobre is one of Brazil’s top climate scientists and member of the Brazilian Academy of Science. He is a founding member of WRI Brasil and served until recently on its Board of Directors. In this post, he explains the Earth League's "Earth Declaration."

Climate Policy Greenhouse Gas Impact Assessment

A Case Study Of Beijing Emission Trading Scheme

This working paper assesses the GHG reduction impact of Beijing Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) and tracks the implementation status of this policy, using the two WRI-developed tools—Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Policy and Action Standard, and Climate Policy Implementation Tracking Framework.





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