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climate finance

From Copenhagen to Cancun: Adaptation

An update on climate adaptation efforts in the international climate negotiations.

From Angst to Action: Moving Forward After Copenhagen

Where things stand after the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, and the key steps to ensure progress in Cancun.

The World Bank Eskom Support Program

South Africa's plans for a new coal power plant bring up difficult decisions for the World Bank.

Update from WRI's Civil Society Climate Finance Strategy Meeting

On 23-25 February 2010, the World Resources Institute International Financial Flows and Environment project hosted a civil society climate finance strategy session at the Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia.

Counting the Cash

Elements of a Framework for the Measurement, Reporting and Verification of Climate Finance

This working paper explores the main issues associated with the measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of finance in the post-2012 climate regime.

Countdown to Copenhagen: Scaling Up Climate Change Finance

Nations can meet the challenge of financing climate mitigation and adaptation by adopting the following principles and operational guidelines.

Climate change is upon us. The earth is warming, seasons are shifting, species are migrating, and water is flowing in new patterns. The accelerating and deepening impacts of climate change will touch everyone on earth, but those who stand to suffer most are the poor.


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