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climate finance

The Clean Technology Fund

Insights for Development and Climate Finance

This working paper series summarizes key innovations and challenges of the Clean Technology Fund. It analyzes the investment plans that the Fund has endorsed to date, and makes the case for greater emphasis on institutional capacity and governance in program design.

WRI Comments on the Climate Investment Funds Results Frameworks

WRI submitted comments to the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Trust Fund Committees suggesting ways to improve the CIFs Results Frameworks.


From Copenhagen to Cancun: Climate Finance

An update on the role of climate finance in the international climate negotiations.


Will Climate Finance Mean a New Path for the World Bank?

The World Bank must systematically address issues of environmental and social sustainability in its mainstream investments.


From Copenhagen to Cancun: Adaptation

An update on climate adaptation efforts in the international climate negotiations.


From Angst to Action: Moving Forward After Copenhagen

Where things stand after the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, and the key steps to ensure progress in Cancun.


The World Bank Eskom Support Program

South Africa's plans for a new coal power plant bring up difficult decisions for the World Bank.



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