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climate change

Video: Protecting Coral Reefs

Reef ecosystems face both local and global threats. Here is what needs to be done to ensure the world's corals and mangroves are preserved.


Counting the Carbon in Overseas Investments

In a landmark settlement, two U.S. government agencies are now required to consider the climate change impacts of overseas financing.


Dear Climate Media: Don’t Forget the Midwest

Midwestern governors deserve greater recognition for what they have done to implement a regional cap-and-trade program.

While it is true that states in the Northeast and the West hav


This chart assesses potential green-program impacts per $1 billion of U.S. government economic-recovery spending.

Making Climate Your Business

Private Sector Adaptation in Southeast Asia

This report assists businesses in Southeast Asia to understand the need to adept to climate change; learn what other are doing in government, civil society and the private sector to promote adaptation; identify the risks and opportunities that climate change impacts present, and act on them.


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