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climate change

Bottom Line on International Climate Negotiations

In December 2009, diplomats from around the world will convene in Copenhagen, Denmark to decide on a new international agreement on climate change. The following questions and answers address the agreements and structures that form the basis of the Copenhagen climate change negotiations.

A Slow Thaw in Climate Talks: G8 and MEF Outcomes

Climate change topped the agenda when heads of states recently met in Italy. There were no fireworks, but some important progress was made.


A Closer Look at the American Clean Energy and Security Act

WRI analyzes emissions caps, allowances, offsets, and other critical components of the American Clean Energy and Security Act.


A Vote to Put the U.S. on a Low Carbon Path

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that, if it becomes law, will change the face of America's factories, power sources, buildings, landscapes and working patterns.


Rules for Fuels: Biofuels and Climate Change Impacts

As biofuel production ramps up, counting all the associated greenhouse gas impacts is critical to good energy and climate policy.



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