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climate change

Summarizing the Investigations on Climate Science

A series of international investigations into recent climate science controversies are now publishing their findings, and so far, they have cleared climate scientists of manipulating the evidence, and reaffirmed the integrity of the basic science.


Unfinished Business on Earth Day's 40th Anniversary

While Earth Day’s founders couldn’t have predicted it, acting on climate change has become the country’s great unfinished business.


Q&A on China's Carbon Intensity Target

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China recently confirmed an ambitious goal t


Forests, Climate Change and the Challenge of REDD

To combat global warming, forests must be part of the solution. How can we make good forest stewardship a reality?


Brazil's Global Warming Agenda

Brazil has turned its international climate commitments into national law, but that’s only the beginning.


Cap-and-Trade Comes Of Age in Europe

How industry has learned to live with (and perhaps even love) cap-and-trade in Europe.



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