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The Green Investment Challenge in China

Despite the global economic downturn, China’s environmental and renewable energy sectors are poised for another year of strong growth.


Environmental Stories to Watch in 2009

Environmental Stories to Watch is WRI’s annual survey of emerging issues that could have major impacts on environmental coverage. At the Newseum, WRI President Jonathan Lash unveiled what he predicts will be the four "Stories to Watch" in 2009.


A Different World Than Kyoto

The argument that developing countries are taking no action to address climate change is wrong.


Environmental Stories to Watch in 2009

This publication is a transcript of Jonathan Lash's annual Environmental Stories to Watch address, which he gave on December 17th, 2008 at the Newseum. For the past six years, WRI has invited members of the press to join in a conversation about what we think will be the environmental...

A "Green Lining" in China's Economic Stimulus Plan

It may be counter-intuitive, but a global economic slowdown could help the United States and China work together on climate change.


Fact Sheet: Energy and Climate Policy Action in China

An aggressive energy intensity target and a national renewable energy standard highlight a suite of Chinese policies that will slow greenhouse gas emissions growth.


Was It "The Green Olympics?"

Are the Beijing Olympics a signal that China can pursue both economic growth and a cleaner environment?


Swallowed by Sand: China's Billion-Dollar Battle Against Desertification


p>It is estimated that desertification, a process of land degradation that occurs in dryland ecosystems due to overexploitation and land mismanagement, now costs China about $2-3 billion each year.



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