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Building Climate Equity

Creating a New Approach from the Ground Up

For more than two decades, crafting global actions that all nations believe to be equitable has been a central challenge for international climate policy.

A new approach is required to resolve this challenge. Building on the experiences of 23 countries, this report demonstrates...

Getting to $100 Billion: Climate Finance Scenarios and Projections to 2020

This paper contributes to the dialogue about what types of finance could count toward the $100 billion goal.

We analyze this question quantitatively by projecting various finance sources forward to 2020 to demonstrate the scenarios under which reaching the $100 billion goal is possible....

Tracking Adaptation Finance

An Approach For Civil Society Organizations To Improve Accountability For Climate Change Adaptation

A guide designed to help civil society organizations track climate change adaptation finance flows.

Green Climate Fund Moves Forward; Will Soon Disburse Climate Finance through 7 Institutions

The Green Climate Fund (GCF), expected to become the main vehicle for securing and distributing finance, moved one step closer to disbursing funds this week. Its resources will support a range of activities that reduce emissions or foster resilience—such as installing renewable energy, helping farmers grow drought-resistant crops and reducing deforestation.


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