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WRI's 2008 Annual Carbon Dioxide Inventory Report

The Annual CO2 Inventory Report summarizes and reports CO2 emissions attributed to WRI's organizational activities and employee travel.

Executive Summary

This report presents WRI’s carbon dioxide (CO2) inventory for calendar year 2008. It summarizes emission sources included in the inventory, calculation methodologies, and trends, and highlights WRI’s role in the completion of a green roof space at our Washington, DC office building.

WRI’s total emissions for 2008 were 1,263 metric tons of CO2. This represents a 29% increase above our (recalculated) 2003 base year emissions. WRI has committed to offset its emissions to achieve its goal of a "net zero" emissions balance every year. For 2008, WRI purchased credits compliant under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol, known as certified emission reductions (CERs). These credits were sourced from three different projects in China and India. Details of WRI’s offset purchases for 2008 can be found on page 7 of the report.

WRI's CO2 Emissions: 2003-2008
Metric Tons CO2 2003* 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Scope 2
Electricity 459 461 423 431 479 515
Scope 3
Air travel 400 474 464 468 566 636
Employee commuting 122 97 90 91 87 112
Total Emissions 981 1,032 977 990 1,132 1,263
Per Capita Emissions 7.55 7.59 6.74 6.83 7.08 7.42

* Base Year: 2003

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