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  • Inspiring, supporting, and mobilizing action to initiate restoration across 10 million hectares of degraded forests and landscapes by 2016.

  • Reducing illegal logging by supporting the supply and procurement of legal and sustainable forest products

  • A dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system that empowers people everywhere to better manage forests.

  • Hundreds of companies and organizations around the world are using GHG Protocol standards and tools to manage their GHG emissions and become more efficient, resilient, and prosperous organizations.

  • India’s GHG Program is an industry-led voluntary framework aiming to help Indian companies monitor progress towards measurement and management of GHG emissions using tools and methodologies from WRI’s GHG Protocol.

  • WRI’s analysis and convening supports the development of transformational low-carbon clubs – smaller groups of countries serious about combatting climate change that will drive emissions reductions and complement the multilateral UN climate regime.

  • WRI’s Land and Resource Rights project aims to ensure that rural people have secure rights over their land and natural resources.

  • We seek to catalyze a global movement to transform the way the world secures freshwater for human well-being and economic development.

  • New Ventures supports business solutions to the challenges of sustainable development by accelerating the growth of environmental enterprise in emerging markets.

  • Development Through Enterprise catalyzes sustainable economic growth by identifying market opportunities and business models that meet the needs of underserved communities in emerging economies.

  • Bringing together independent research institutes and civil society groups from key countries around the world to monitor national progress on climate change policy.


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