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Securing a sustainable, climate-resilient future will require significant investment. For example, research shows that by 2020, the world will need to invest $5.7 trillion annually in green infrastructure like clean water, sustainable transport, and renewable energy in order to prevent climate change’s worst effects.

At the same time, many of the world’s current investments support environmentally and socially degrading projects. Ensuring human well-being will require investing in initiatives that provide social, environmental, and economic benefits.

WRI works to shift the world’s financial flows to support sustainable development. We engage the public and private sectors to scale up investments in low-carbon, socially beneficial projects—particularly in the developing world.

WRI’s research identifies ways to mobilize private and public finance for projects such as clean energy development and climate adaptation initiatives. We provide policy recommendations for national and local governments to attract these investments. Our guidance helps institutions incorporate environmental and social protections into their investment policies. We track and evaluate the impact of climate finance and sustainable development investments. And we bring together stakeholders from finance ministries, green finance groups, civil society, and the private sector to share knowledge and best practices.

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Globalizing Sustainable Development

Between now and September 2015, when heads of state will gather for the UN General Assembly, we have a historic chance to set the world on a more sustainable path that will eradicate poverty and enhance prosperity for all.

Over the coming months, however, leaders must work together to set the world on the right course to realize this vision.

Mark Robinson

Global Director, Governance

Mark is Global Director, Governance at WRI. In this capacity, Mark is responsible for leading WRI's Governance Center and providing strategic and intellectual leadership around analysis, strategy...

Cyrielle Sophie Hamlett

Grants and Finance Coordinator

Cyrielle is the Grants and Finance Coordinator II for the Finance Center. She manages the grants, finances and administrative matters of the Center’s activities. She also provides general support...

Expanding Climate Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Despite difficult negotiations in Lima, discussions signaled the positive outlook among development banks for expanding climate finance in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With increasing low-carbon investments, pledges to the Green Climate Fund, and ambitious renewable energy and efficiency targets demonstrate robust political and financial commitments, building momentum for a strong global response to climate change.

Going in the Right Direction?

Tracking Adaptation Finance at the Subnational Level

This working paper explores local finance structures in Nepal, the Philippines, Uganda and Zambia.

It highlights challenges and good practices in channeling funding to communities that are vulnerable to climate change.


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