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The world’s economies are built on natural resources like water, forests, minerals, and fossil fuels. But these resources—and the businesses and communities that rely on them—now face physical and ecological limits.

Leaders at the 2013 World Economic Forum named climate change and water supply as two of the top five risks facing companies. Meanwhile, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, loss of natural resources, and other environmental problems cost the global economy $4.7 trillion annually.

Leading companies are realizing that effective management of resources is smart business. WRI helps the private sector develop strategies that support sustainable development and drive growth.

WRI creates maps, tools, analyses, and solutions to help private sector actors minimize current and future risks, such as water scarcity and energy price volatility. Our research identifies new strategies for business to maximize opportunities by integrating environmental sustainability across their operations, products, and services. Our practical guidance helps companies assess and reduce impacts like greenhouse gas emissions along their entire value chains. And our Corporate Consultative Group forges innovative partnerships to support knowledge-sharing and collaboration across sectors, industries, and geographies.

Find out how companies can show leadership on climate change.

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