First installment of the WRR launched at Habitat III

Cities are growing differently today than before. As much as 70 percent of people in emerging cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America is under-served. Furthermore, cities face challenges in four areas:

Job Mauti is 36 years old. He moved from a rural agricultural area in the Lake Victoria basin to Nairobi in search of work 17 years ago. Job is married and has five children between one and 14 years old. His sister-in-law lives with his family. Their house is one room measuring 300 square feet.

Josephine is 37 years old and lives with her 20-year-old son, her 23-year-old niece, and her 34-year-old cousin. Josephine has worked as a security guard for 13 years and is the sole income earner for her family. The household’s monthly income is approximately $150 (US).

Didi is 34 years old. Until he was seven years old, his parents could not afford to live on their own, so they lived with relatives.

Anita is 24 years old and has lived all her life in Delhi. When she attended university she would take three buses and walk about 3 kilometers. For the past three years, Anita has worked as a copyeditor for a leading newspaper, the Times of India. She earns approximately $326 (US) per month.