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Ensuring Deep Reductions Beyond 2020

While significant attention has been paid to whether and how the U.S. can meet its 2020 emission reduction target, little attention has been paid to the deeper reductions needed in the medium and long term. Our analysis shows that current existing authority is unlikely to be sufficient to put the U.S. on the path toward the deeper reductions needed beyond 2020. Therefore, WRI has begun working to create a roadmap for the longer-term.

WRI is undertaking analysis to provide the foundation for a transition to a secure, low-carbon economy in the U.S. by mid-century. This work aims to develop a clear understanding of the technical, economic and policy pathways to deep GHG emission reductions. This analysis will advance current knowledge on the policies and investments which can reduce emissions, achieve greater climate resilience and deliver broader societal benefits. The work will also build from WRI’s current work convening a number of sector-oriented working groups that include corporate, NGO and academic participants to highlight the available levers – including but going beyond climate and energy policy – to push investment toward low-carbon infrastructure and operations.

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