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The cost of restoration activities of Initiative 20x20 will be partly supported through $855 million USD of commitments from impact investors and bilateral and multilateral funders. Other financial instruments, including a partial risk guarantee for restoration, are under design. So far, private sector investors have indicated the intention to invest:

  • EcoPlanet Bamboo: $180 million

  • Althelia: $120 million in support of agroforestry and silvopastoral activities.

  • Permian Global: $100 million in support of reforestation and avoided deforestation in tropical rainforest biomes.

  • Sustainable Land Management (SLM) Partners: $100 million in transitioning to grazing systems known as ‘holistic planned grazing’.

  • EcoEnterprises Fund: $100 million

  • Terrabella: $90 million in non-timber forest projects and high-value low carbon and climate resilient sustainably produced agricultural projects

  • Moringa: $60 million in support of agroforestry and silvopastoral activities.

  • Carana: $60 million

  • Amazon Andes Fund: $25 million

  • Forestry and Climate Change Sub Fund: $15 million in support of restoration and economic use of degraded forests.

  • Rare: $5 million

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