World Resource Institute

Our Vision

Charge is dedicated to creating electricity markets that deliver 10 billion MWh of affordable renewable energy and extend access to 1 billion people by 2020.

Utilities and regulators around the world have long understood their responsibility to reliably and affordably deliver electricity. However, the falling cost of renewable electricity and emergence of new, affordable technologies are now stretching the definition of who is a utility, and forcing the traditional power providers to evolve. They are also driving a growing customer demand for affordable, renewable energy.

Electricity generation will almost certainly be more decentralized in the future but could still take advantage of the real value the centralized grid and large-scale power producers can offer, such as a low cost of capital, long-term planning, and optimized renewable energy integration.

The electricity sectors of the future can deliver affordable, sustainable electricity universally, but reaching this goal requires new models for buying, planning for, and regulating electricity. As these changes emerge, Charge works with stakeholders throughout the electricity sector to ask:

  • Is the price of electricity affordable to customers?

  • Is the way we obtain electricity sustainable for the future?

  • Is the electric power being equitably delivered?