World Resource Institute


The ACT 2015 project will be hosting a series of workshops throughout the world on Designing an Effective Framework for the 2015 Agreement. The aim of the workshops is to enable key government decision-makers, businesses and civil society leaders from the country in which the workshop is being held to understand the choices that have to be made regarding the international agreement, the implications of choosing various options, and the links to national or regional priorities. In order to accomplish this, workshop participants will discuss the following at each workshop:

  • The roles and functions of the new climate regime. What does the agreement need to do to ensure success? What are its key functions and what needs to be included in the agreement to ensure those functions are fulfilled?
  • Three propositions of the new agreement, representing multiple ways of shaping the building blocks of the new climate agreement in 2015. Which of these propositions are most in line with the participants own visions for what the 2015 Agreement should look like?
  • Elements of the agreement. Depending on participant interest, the workshops will be able to go deeper into key components of the agreement and discuss the options such as what should the agreement include on finance? How much transparency do countries really need?

The workshops will be conducted under the Chatham House Rule to create the safe space required for in-depth discussion.

The consultation will be undertaken between March and August 2014 in the following countries, regions or group of countries: China, the US, Brazil, Germany, Ethiopia, Peru, the UK, France, India, the Philippines and the small island states (meeting in New York).