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ACT 2015 Publications

The ACT 2015 consortium is conducting research on the key elements of the 2015 climate agreement that will answer the following questions:

  • What types of commitments could countries sign up to?
  • How could an ‘Ambition mechanism’ function to close the gap to 2 degrees C?
  • How can the agreement support countries so they can both adapt to the existing and future impacts and be able to manage loss and damage?
  • What kind of finance provisions should the agreement include and for what?
  • How could the agreement provide transparency and accountability through its Measurement, Reporting, and Verification provisions?
  • What kind of compliance mechanism should be included?
  • What legal form should the agreement include for which provisions?
  • What incentives could the agreement include?
  • How can equity and fairness be implemented across the agreement?

Partners’ Publications