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ACT 2015 Publications

ACT 2015 has released its Elements and Ideas for the 2015 Paris Agreement. Read the full text and the executive summary of the paper.

The ACT 2015 consortium has conducted quantitative analysis looking at the mitigation costs, avoided damage, co-benefits, and environmental and economic consequences of the elements of the Steady, the Dynamic and the Pioneer propositions. Find the draft paper here.

ACT 2015 has released research on key elements of the 2015 climate agreement:

ACT 2015 is also in the process of finalizing research to answer these additional questions:

  • How can equity and fairness be implemented across the agreement?

ACT 2015 has analyzed the shifts in the political debate regarding the value of multilateralism in addressing climate change. The paper ‘Political Economy of the Paris Agreement’ outlines the significant and profound challenges and opportunities posed by the 2015 climate agreement.

Partners’ Publications