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AFR100 partners have set forth an ambition of over one billion dollars of grants and loan financing:

  • World Bank: USD 1 billion in institutional investment in 14 African countries by 2030, as part of the Africa Climate Business Plan to support Africa’s climate resilient and low carbon development
  • Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is providing support for the structure of the AFR100 initiative

Impact investors have also earmarked USD $481 million dollars in private sector funds for restoration under AFR100:

  • Ecoplanet Bamboo: USD $175 million by 2020
  • Sustainable Forest Investments – Netherlands: USD $150m by 2030
  • Terra Global Capital: USD $100 million by 2030
  • Moringa Partnership: USD $56 million by 2030
  • NatureVest (impact investment arm of the Nature Conservancy)
  • Permian Global
  • Form International

AFR100 will help to translate ambitious commitments into action and results on the ground with support from private sector investors, development banks and bilateral and multilateral funders. AFR100 will leverage a variety of financial instruments, including grants, equity investments, loans, risk management guarantees and funds for specific interventions like those highlighted in the report Scaling Up Regreening: Six Steps to Success.

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