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Carlos Viesca-Lobatón

Mesoamerica Manager, Global Forest Watch

Carlos is the Mesoamerica Manager for Global Forest Watch. He’s work consists on establishing partnerships with strategic stakeholders and providing local support in activities related to...

Sonia Saini

Research Intern

Sonia Saini has joined the team for the Forest Landscape Restoration project in the Food, Forests, and Water program. She researches the conditions of countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America...

Alex Kovac

TRAC City Intern

Alex is an intern with the Climate and Energy Program. He assists with drafting and coordination for WRI’s Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse Emissions, and supports the development of...

Rachel Mulbry

Environmental Democracy Administrative Intern

Rachel is the Environmental Democracy Administrative Intern with the Access Initiative (TAI). She assists in handling the contracts for the Environmental Democracy Index and helps TAI maintain its...

Benjamin Soltoff

Research Intern

Ben is the Research Intern in the President’s Office at WRI. He supports the President’s writing and presentations by finding information, verifying facts, and organizing materials. He works...

Mario Beltran Mainero

Legal Researcher / Intern

Mario is a Legal Researcher with The Access Initiative. He investigates national and international legal structures and policies related to protected areas management schemes in order to provide...

Hilary Oliva Faxon

Researcher / Research Intern

Hilary is a Researcher with the Governance of Forests Initiative. She investigates principles, policies and implementation of REDD+ programs throughout the world to define and promote accountable...

Mark Higgins

Research Associate

Mark is a Research Associate in the Global Forests Watch program, where he works to identify patterns in global deforestation data and the drivers of these patterns. He also translates these...

Rachel Gartlan

Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Rachel is the Program Coordinator I for WRI Brazil and an administrative assistant in the President’s office.

As a program coordinator for WRI Brazil, she works to streamline internal...

Indira Masullo

Research Assistant, Sustainable Finance

Indira is a Research Assistant II for the Sustainable Finance Team at the World Resources Institute. She conducts research and analysis on international climate finance, in particular on...

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