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Nikita Luke

Sustainable Transport Intern

Nikita is a Sustainable Transportation Intern with the Health and Road Safety Program in Washington DC, where she works on sustainable public transit, and road safety projects.

Nikita has...

Tejas Pande

Research Assistant

Tejas Pande is a Research Assistant at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He supports urban development publications and grant proposals, especially on issues related to the integration...

Renuka Iyer

Director, Global Human Resources

Renuka is a certified human resources leader with over two decades of global experience in human capital management. In her role at WRI, she helps implement HR strategies, policies, and processes...

Vittal Boggaram

Senior Manager, Water

Vittal Boggaram is the Senior Manager for the Water Program at World Resources Institute (WRI). He is the lead person for developing the urban water program in India. His work includes identifying...

Deepak Sriram Krishnan

Manager, Energy

Deepak is Manager for WRI's Energy Program and leads work on the Green Power Market Development Group, India initiative.

Radha Chanchani

Managing Associate - Research and Practice, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Radha is Managing Associate - Research and Practice at EMBARQ India. She is currently involved with extending the work on policy and planning solutions to manage two-wheelers in Indian cities. She...

Smitha Appaiah

Project Associate, Governance

Smitha is a Project Associate for the Electricity Governance initiative (EGI) In WRI’s Governance Center. She handles the Project Grants, Contracts, Finances, Communication and Outreach and works...

Anand Ramachandran

Project Associate - Operations, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Anand is a Project Associate, Operations at EMBARQ India, based in Bangalore. He manages the administrative function at Bangalore Office and supports operational functions for the India centre....

Rajeev G. Malagi

Project Associate - Urban Development and Accessibility, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Rajeev is an Associate specializing in Urban Development and Accessibility at EMBARQ India. The focus of his work is on Transit Oriented Development projects which help to create safe access and...

Srikanth Shastry

Principal Associate - Urban Transport, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Srikanth is a Principal Associate with the Cities and Transport at WRI. He is currently leading WRI's signature initiative, TRAC City, in India. Through his work he helps cities identify climate...


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