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Hisako Takahashi

Schneider Fellow

Hisako is a Schneider Fellow from Stanford University for the Global Energy Program. She collaborates with specialists in government, private and civil society to develop the effective delivery...

Jiaqi Lu

Intern, U.S. Climate Initiative

Jiaqi (Jackie) Lu is an intern with the U.S. Climate Initiative at WRI. He assists with research and strategic development of the program.

His academic interests include energy security,...

Miyuki Hino

Research Analyst, The New Climate Economy

Miyuki is a Research Analyst II in the Climate Program. She supports the New Climate Economy project and is primarily responsible for researching climate and energy policies in countries around...

Cynthia Elliott

Research Analyst, International Climate Initiative

Cynthia is a Research Analyst for the Global Climate Program. She conducts research on concepts for the International Low-Carbon Clubs project focusing on ambitious groups of countries cooperating...

Priyanka Vasudevan

Senior Project Associate - Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Priyanka is an Associate of the Integrated Urban Transport team.

Wee Kean Fong

Senior Associate

Dr. Wee Kean Fong is a Senior Associate with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Climate and Energy Program.

Luke Schoen

Associate II

Luke Schoen is an Associate II with WRI’s Climate and Energy Program.

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