UN Climate Summit 2014: LIVE BLOG

We are liveblogging during today's summit with major announcements and expert commentary.

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Daryl Ditz

Deputy to the VP for Science and Research

Daryl is a Deputy to the VP for Science and Research.

Apurba Mitra

Assistant Project Manager, MAPT

Apurba is working as part of the Measurement and Performance Tracking project (MAPT) in the Climate and Energy Program.

Srikanth Shastry

Managing Associate - Climate

Srikanth is a Managing Associate - Climate at the India Liaison Office in Bangalore.

Prior to that, he worked with EMBARQ currently engaged in a couple of projects; Bus Karo Plus and an...

Nikhil Chaudhary

Project Associate - Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Nikhil is an Associate - Urban Transport at EMBARQ India.

Neha Mungekar

Project Associate - Urban Development and Accessibility, EMBARQ India

Neha is an Associate – Urban Development and Accessibility at EMBARQ India.

Himadri Das

Manager - Urban Development and Accessbility, EMBARQ India

Himadri is Program Manager – Urban Development and Accessibility, based in Bangalore.

Anupama Sivan

Manager - Operations, EMBARQ India

Anupama is an Associate – Operations at EMBARQ India, based in Mumbai.

Anjali Mahendra

Strategy Head - Research and Practice, EMBARQ India

Anjali Mahendra is the Strategy Head for Research and Practice at EMBARQ, India.

Ayesha Dinshaw

Research Analyst, Vulnerability And Adaptation Initiative

Ayesha Dinshaw is a research analyst with the Vulnerability and Adaptation Initiative and the 2012-13 World Resources Report.


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