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Senior Project Associate, Energy Efficiency, WRI India

Kajol is a Senior Project Associate for Energy Efficiency in WRI India’s Energy Program. She works to integrate energy efficiency and clean energy activities with commercial and industrial...

Abhilash Prasann

Intern, Climate Action Platform Research, Helms Fellow

Abhilash is a Master's candidate for International Peace and Conflict Resolution at the School of International Service. His focus has been on peacebuilding and environmental conflict.


Palak Sharma

Climate Change Communications Intern

Palak is an Intern with the Climate Program. She is currently pursuing a Masters in International Economics and International Affairs with a concentration in Energy, Resources and Environment, and...

Varsha Suresh

Climate Data Intern

Varsha is a Climate Data Intern within the Climate Program, where she helps in creating city level inventories to facilitate climate action.

Her previous experience includes energy...

Uttara Narayan

Senior Project Associate, Energy Governance, WRI India

Uttara Narayan is a Senior Project Associate for Energy Governance at WRI India. She applies the principles of social inclusion, good governance, and political economy to the work that is being...

Puneeta Sharma

Senior Project Associate - Operations, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Puneeta is a Senior Project Associate for Operations at WRI India. She organizes and implements operational tasks at the Delhi Office, in support of WRI’s policies framework and planning.


Gayathri Vaidyanathan

Communications Manager, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Gayathri Vaidyanathan is a writer/editor in the Communications department at WRI India. Prior to joining WRI, she was a journalist in Washington, D.C. where she reported on the impact of...

Rohit Tak

Senior Project Associate, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Rohit Tak is a senior project associate in the Sustainable Cities Program. His work is focused on WRI’s road safety program under the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety. He is involved in...

Azra Khan

Project Associate - Cities and Transport, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Azra Khan is a Project Associate with the Cities and Transport team at WRI India. She is engaged in advancing and expanding WRI India’s focus on gender responsive public transport in cities and...

Madhavi Ganeshan

Strategic Engagement Manager, The New Climate Economy

Madhavi Ganeshan is the Strategic Engagement Manager for the New Climate Economy project and is responsible for managing and implementing the overall engagement process for the Global Commission...


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